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While Landowner Group Management is a core area of the company’s services, Delta Urban is increasingly involved in Land Investigations/Land Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Municipal Approvals.

We are always looking to connect with people interested in selling and buying land. If you are interested in selling your land(s), please use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

Land Investigation/Land Acquisitions

Our staff is committed to sourcing high-quality land development opportunities including but not limited to: Greenfield land, infill properties, lot assemblies and re-development opportunities. Quite often, the land opportunities we are able to source are not available on the open market and our clients appreciate both the exclusivity and the quality of such opportunities.

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence services are performed in a prompt and comprehensive manner ensuring that the client has all the necessary information to make an informed decision about the property being considered. Our goal is not only to find out everything available but to truly understand the development potential of the property and convey to the client, the constraints, risks and value-added potential of the land. Moreover, our in-house financial analysis can assist with quantifying the value of the land and forecast the return on investment while being mindful of an increasingly diverse and competitive marketplace.

Municipal Approvals

With exceptional planning and Project Management expertise, combined with relationship building and lobbying, Delta Urban has attained a stellar reputation in the industry. The company maintains an excellent track record of successfully advancing projects through the approval process in an expedited yet responsible manner. We believe project timelines are extremely important and at the same time, we feel that relationship management with municipal and regional staff is a vital and strategic aspect of our work, and in this regard Delta Urban undertakes the role of the mediator in addition of that of Development/Project Manager.

Real Estate Services

Delta Urban has  a long-standing history of providing real estate services for a number of clients throughout of the GTA. Delta Urban staff has a comprehensive understanding of the planning, engineering, construction and building issues associated with selecting appropriate sites for development or redevelopment.

Services include:

  • Highest and best use assessments
  • Comprehensive due diligence investigation and reporting
  • Preparing acquisition strategy
  • Developing disposition strategy
  • Corporate recovery services

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