• landowner group management

Landowner Group Management is a core area of Delta Urban’s services. Through years of experience, the company has developed a strong understanding of the issues and opportunities that exist in real estate and land development. Based on this background, Delta Urban delivers highly specialized and superior administrative, management and technical services to its clients. Landowner Group Management services are categorized as follows.

Managing Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Delta Urban provides management services and advice regarding the project’s multi-disciplinary consulting team. Delta Urban coordinates and assists in securing all necessary approvals (planning, engineering, design, utilities, etc.) needed to proceed with the servicing, through construction and ultimately through to assumption.

Services includes:

  • Selecting the consulting team
  • Managing the work plan and schedule
  • Group coordination including scheduling meetings, agendas, minutes and action plans
  • Obtaining clearance from all external agencies, as necessary
  • Assisting in the tender and contractor selection process for construction and servicing of the land
  • Attending the construction meetings during the installation of services
  • Liaising with the contractor to ensure the timely delivery of servicing
  • Acting as the contact point to obtain all reductions to letters of credit
  • Obtaining acceptance for maintenance of all works
  • Monitoring those works necessary to obtain building permit availability

Group Cost Sharing Management Services

Group Cost Sharing Management Services are provided during the preparation, execution and administration of the Cost Sharing Agreement(s) (CSA). All services from Managing Multi-Disciplinary Teams are included, as well as:

  • Assisting the trustee in the administration of the CSA
  • Maintaining detailed records for each development application
  • Coordinating and liaising between the trustee, the owners, and the consulting engineer for the CSA
  • Managing budgets and work plans for the client group
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of group services
  • Verifying the material and schedules generated by the consulting engineer
  • Managing disputes that may arise in the interpretation of the CSA
  • Assisting in mediation/arbitration that may arise from such disputes