Bratty and Partners LLP | Remington Group

“We have worked with Delta Urban on many files over the past two decades. Our latest collaboration involves a very exciting project in Markham Centre, where they played a vital role in advancing the negotiations pertaining to the new Cost Sharing Agreement among the owners, as well as their ongoing role as Trustee. Personally, I have an excellent working relationship with Delta Urban and strongly recommend them for group management/trustee services.”

Bratty and Partners LLP | Remington GroupRudy Bratty - Senior Partner, Bratty and Partners LLP - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Remington Group
Mattamy Homes

“Delta Urban has worked with us both individually and as group manager in landowner group arrangements. We’ve always had an excellent relationship and they have always proved themselves to be extremely valuable.

For example, in the Morningside Heights project, they made it possible for us to become the first owner to register our plan and go to sale — this despite the fact that we had been the last owner to join the group.

Similarly, in the Port Union project, Delta Urban helped obtain the necessary approvals and re-designations of the property to permit the redevelopment, allowing us to move forward in a timely manner for sales and registration.

From group management and development management services to strategic advice, Delta Urban has always provided the expertise necessary to advance large projects through very complex approvals and constructions programs.”

Mattamy HomesPeter E. Gilgan, Founder and CEO

“Myron has worked with TACC on projects large and small. He takes an equal interest no matter the size of the project and has a complete and total understanding of the industry. Myron is great to work with and to have on your team.”

TACCSilvio DeGasperis, Owner
Fieldgate Developments

“We’ve had a fantastic working relationship with Delta Urban for at least ten years. Their role for us is predominantly that of a group manager in landowner groups across the GTA, including West Whitby and Milton. We feel but the utmost respect for them, thanks to theirniche knowledge and total dedication to what they do.”

Fieldgate Developments Jack Eisenberger, President
Minto Communities

“Delta Urban are very thorough, knowledgeable, and well-rooted in the industry. They possess a wealth of experience on how to do things the right way. Having done in-depth and thorough cost-sharing analysis on a couple large properties for us, I can say Delta Urban’s expertise in cost-sharing is as good as it gets.

Also, they’ve been invaluable not only in providing us their expertise but in dollar savings as well. They know the costs and help keep them under control, which is excellent since keeping your costs down at all times is the biggest challenge in this industry.”

Minto Communities David Stewart, Executive Vice-President
Paradise Homes

“Our relationship with Delta Urban involves many projects over a long period of time. Most recently, they assisted us and the balance of the Mt. Pleasant Block 51-1 owners in obtaining Secondary Plan approval, Block Plan approval and Draft Plan approval — all in the fastest timeline in recent history of the City of Brampton’s.

As a result, the other owners and we have been able to substantially advance our development timelines to a building program that will start far ahead of the anticipated schedule.

It would have been much more difficult to move this project forward if it weren’t for Delta Urban’s strong development manager experience.”

Paradise HomesEddie Weisz, President
Tribute Communities

“Myron Pestaluky and his staff provide a variety of land development functions, from planning approvals all the way through to site servicing assumption. We have been working with them for almost 20 years, and they are the group manager in a number of landowner groups in which we are involved.

As such, Delta Urban is able to manage, guide and direct landowner groups which by their very nature are challenging.

Myron’s experience as an engineer and a developer is evident in his understanding of the land development business and his ability to work through the task assigned. One of the strengths of the firm is that he has imparted and shared his knowledge with his partners and staff. As a result, the firm in its entirety is strong and reliable.

Myron and his staff have always been knowledgeable, organized, reliable, respected by the government agencies and staff, and most importantly, cognizant of the time sensitivity of approvals and servicing.

We continue to use Delta Urban and we would highly recommend them as an expert in the land development field.

Tribute CommunitiesAl Libfeld, President and CEO
Wycliffe Homes

“I have been working with Delta Urban for the past four years. They are the Group Manager for the Sharon Landowners Group in East Gwillimbury.

We have collaborated on a variety of issues and tasks including parks/trails design, MNR approvals and LSRCA approvals. We have the approvals that we have to-date, due in large part to Delta Urban’s support, management and most notably, their credibility in the industry.

They employ an immensely talented work force with an impeccable work ethic. My partners and I have worked together with them on an ongoing basis to assist in land investigation, property acquisition, pro formas and general due diligence investigations.

Their unique knowledge of the industry has many of its roots in the wherewithal and good will of the principals.”

Wycliffe HomesGary Bensky, Principal
Melrose Investments

“Delta Urban acted as group manager for a number of projects I was involved in, including North Oakville, Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan, and Fletchers Meadows. Thanks to their wide-ranging expertise, we were able to successfully advance large projects. We have always enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, a very positive working relationship with Delta Urban.”

Melrose InvestmentsSilvio Guglietti, Owner

“Delta Urban has a long-standing history of doing development management on behalf of large landowner consortiums. As an owner rep in a developer group that Delta Urban represented, I particularly appreciate their experience in this specialized aspect of the industry.

MonarchElizabeth Sawicki, Vice President, Planning & Development
Aird & Berlis LLP

“Working with Delta Urban is always a very enjoyable experience. Their people are not just extremely knowledgeable and efficient – they’re also very nice, pleasant people. Their personalities shine through and that makes the experience of dealing with them rewarding.

Also, they’re not just mechanics — they’re masters of the process. They add value to what they do and they always follow up. Being engineers, they understand the technical aspect and the environment in which they work. But they’re also politically savvy and have much experience dealing with everyone in the industry.”

Aird & Berlis LLPJane Pepino, Partner
Kim Beckman, Land Development Solicitor

When our land development clients require sophisticated and strategic advice, we recommend Delta Urban without reservation. The technical and practical experience that Myron Pestaluky and his team bring to project-based planning is a valued addition to development initiatives, be they straightforward or complex. Delta Urban has a deep and evolving bench strength and they deliver services in a timely, efficient and effective manner.”

Kim Beckman, Land Development SolicitorDavies Howe Partners LLP
Jeff Davies, Lawyer

“Without hesitation I recommend Delta Urban to land developer clients for their project management needs. Their expertise and know-how are matched by their depth, timeliness and efficiency. No matter how complex the project, Myron, Roman and their team provide excellent strategic advice.”

Jeff Davies, LawyerDavies Howe Partners LLP